April 2 – 5, 2009, Toronto, ON…Performance Creation Canada Toronto asks the question “What has changed?”. The Images Festival, Harbourfront Centre, Small Wooden Shoe, Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, The Theatre Centre, Dancemakers, and SummerWorks Festival come together in April to host the 10th conference of Performance Creation Canada.

What Has Changed?

There is a lot of talk about change right now, from Obama to our own political scrimmage. Politically, economically, environmentally and culturally, there’s been a lot going on since the last time PCC came to Toronto three years ago. We are interested in looking at what has changed, what hasn’t, and how these changes (or lack thereof) are manifesting in the way art is made locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

The election in October 2008 brought together the arts community with other like-minded communities in a way that has never been seen before in our history. For the first time, culture was on the agenda. Part of the question of What Has Changed is to find out what difference that groundswell had in terms of uniting Canada’s diverse performance community – geographically, culturally and across disciplines. What kind of diversity existed in 2004 at the first PCC and how have things changed since then?

Performance Creation Canada (PCC) is a nationwide network dedicated to the nourishment, management and study of performance creation in Canada, and the ecology in which it flourishes. The meeting is aimed at creating a discussion between artists in dance, theatre, music, film, and visual arts who are interested in the well being of Canadian performance creation. The conference is designed to open conversation, and open minds.

The PCC Toronto conference will be in conjunction with The Images Festival, Small Wooden Shoe’s production of Dedicated to the Revolutions, Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage/Images co-presentation of Make Me Stop Smoking by Rabih Mroué, Native Women in the Arts in association with The Theatre Centre’s presentation of Territoires Féminins by Marie-Claude Rodrigue, hum’s open studio showing of The Bacon Project, Buddies In Bad Times Theatre’s presentation of Fishbowl: a concise, expansive theory of everything, by Mark Shyzer and The Theatre Centre’s 30th Anniversary Celebration: BLOCK ON ONE SPOT. Discounted tickets will be made available to conference participants.

For more information visit: http://www.performancecreationcanada.ca

For registration info email: pccregistration@theatrecentre.org


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